Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Driving to Rehovot this evening, Once in a Lifetime came on the stereo, and after repeating some of the wonderfully quirky lyrics to my wife, I mentioned that it seemed a very appropriate theme song for Down and Out in Beverly Hills, which of course sent me into a synopsis of the movie…  So here’s the thing:  Am I the only one to have noticed the overwhelming resemblance of that movie to Being There?  They’re both about mysterious cyphers (who appear terribly defective but give occasional glimpses of the supranormal) who fall in with more mainstream people, who proceed to project their own thoughts and expectations onto the mystery men?

It could be that this is basic stuff in Cinema 101, but Googling the two titles didn’t produce any relevant results, certainly nowhere near the top.

Okay, you can go back about your business.
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